TPEP — July 23, 2010

As of July 22, 2010, the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act prohibits manufacturers from distributing for sale any tobacco products labeled or advertised as “light,” “low,” or “mild.” Help FDA put out the myth on light, low, and mild cigarettes. No matter what they taste, smell, or look like, all cigarettes are harmful to your health.  Spread the word by sharing and using the FDA tools and resources for consumers, tobacco control partners, and tobacco retailers found at

Trainings & Events

Please note: Grantee attendance at non-HPCDP sponsored events, conferences, and trainings is encouraged as long as the content of the learning opportunity directly supports the workplan and the associated expenses fit within the approved budget. Please consult with your liaison to determine whether a training opportunity meets these requirements.

Webinar: A New Way to Talk About the Social Determinants of Health Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Grantmakers in Health, July 29, noon pacific.

This webinar shares research and best practices in effective communication about social determinants of health and the complex beliefs and conflicted values that come along with it.  The webinar will cover better frames and messages for “social determinants”, best practices and principles in language, how to use data to support your case, and deeply held perspectives that affect how policy makers see health disparities.

Webinar: How to Hold an Effective Meeting with Your Legislator National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, Thursday July 29th 9:30 am pacific

Do you find the idea of visiting your Representative or Senator daunting? Not sure where to start or what to say once you’re there? This webinar will take the mystery out of meeting with your Representatives and Senators by teaching you how to arrange an appointment, how to prepare for your meeting, and what to say depending on where your legislator stands on an issue.

Web-Course: Fundamentals of Evaluation Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium. Registration deadline: August 13, 2010

Have you been meaning to develop program evaluation skills, but never had the change?  Would you like to learn these skills without having to travel or miss work?  This course is designed for public health professionals with a desire or need to gain a better understanding of evaluation and evaluation planning. Whether you will be completing an evaluation, planning one, assisting with an evaluation, or choosing an evaluator, it is valuable to understand the Fundamentals of Evaluation.


FDA has posted draft guidance for industry on tobacco retailer training programs.

Reports and Articles

FDA Considers Ban on Menthol Cigarette Sales CNN, July 15, 2010

Menthol cigarettes are no more harmful than regular cigarettes, tobacco industry representatives argued Thursday as a federal advisory panel opened a two-day meeting to consider whether to ban the sale of those cigarettes. Menthol cigarettes, which account for one-quarter of the cigarettes sold in the United States, have been under scrutiny by public health officials and public health watchdog groups.

For more on the menthol debate:

Suit Over NYC Tobacco Signs Creates Ripples USA Today, July 13, 2010

Graphic anti-smoking posters of diseased lungs, brains and teeth – required where cigarettes are sold in New York City – have triggered a legal fight. Now, Massachusetts is holding off on a similar mandate. New York, known for a tough stance on tobacco, in December became the first U.S. city to require stores to post 4-square-foot warnings showing the physical effects of smoking near tobacco displays or smaller ones at each register.

Thirdhand Smoke: Studies Multiply, Catchy Name Raises Awareness Journal of the National Cancer Institute, July 8, 2010

Health agencies have warned of the danger of secondhand smoke for decades.  Now a small but growing number of scientists are testing the possible health effects associated with the residue that cigarette smoke deposits on furniture, clothing, and other surfaces, a substance some are calling “thirdhand smoke.”

Point-Of-Sale Advertising Major Cause of Teen Smoking, Pediatrics, August 2010

Point-of-sale tobacco advertising works impressively well on teens – so well that federal regulators should consider barring such marketing efforts from convenience stores, gas stations and small groceries.

Disparities in Children’s Exposure to Environmental Tobacco Smoke, Pediatrics, July 2010

This study examined racial/ethnic, socioeconomic, and geographic disparities in children’s exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in the home.

Smoking Ban in Public Housing Would Protect the Most Vulnerable, July 12, 2010

Dr Jonathan Winickoff, a pediatrician at MassGeneral Hospital for Children, recently called for a ban on smoking in public housing in a New England Journal of Medicine commentary.

Non-Smoking Cigar Bars? Carnival Cruises tests more restrictive smoking policy Cruise Critic, July 19, 2010

Carnival Cruise Lines is testing a more restrictive smoking policy – including smoke-free cigar bars.  “There is a trial on a few of our ships where we have introduced more restrictive indoor smoking areas.for both cigarettes and cigars.  This means that the cigar bars are now totally 100% non-smoking and some lounges that were smoking are now non-smoking.  No final decision has been made.”


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