TPEP – October 15, 2010


The Health Communicator’s Social Media Toolkit, CDC

This toolkit is designed to provide partners with guidance and to share lessons learned integrating social media into health communication campaigns, activities, and emergency response efforts.  This guide provides information on getting started using social media – from developing governance to determining which channels best meet communication objectives to creating a social media strategy.  An overview of popular social media tools is included.

Reports and Articles

SMOKING, ADHD LINK FOUND, Australian Associated Press, October 8, 2010

Children exposed to tobacco smoke in their homes suffer higher rates of ADHD and stuttering, according to new research which adds to a growing list of impacts from passive smoking.


Tobacco companies believed that adding menthol to cigarettes made them easier for young people to smoke and sought eagerly to capitalize on it, according to testimony before the FDA’s advisory committee on tobacco products.  But the panel also heard that there is little evidence indicating that menthol in cigarettes encourages an earlier start to smoking or that the additive has health risks of its own.

University of Montana: TOBACCO SNUFFED OUT, Missoula Independent, September 23, 2010

University of Montana students and staff looking to pair their coffee with the occasional cigarette between classes will need to take a hike next fall–off campus. President George Dennison announced earlier this month that starting Aug. 28, 2011, tobacco use of any kind at UM is a strict no-no punishable by a report to the Dean of Students.


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