Training Opportunities – November 10, 2010

Webinar: Working with your legislators for tobacco prevention and control
The National Association of Local Boards of Health (NALBOH) has released a recording of a 20-minute webinar on how to work with legislators to create tobacco control policies. The webinar features a presentation from Karmen Hanson of the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL). While the webinar’s primary audience is local boards of health working on tobacco control policies, the principles are relevant for any public health advocate.

Diabetes Training Opportunity for Local Health Departments

In early December 2010, NACCHO will be releasing a Request for Applications that will provide local health departments with the opportunity to participate in the Diabetes Today training program. This is an interactive course for healthcare and public health professionals that is based on multi-sectoral collaboration for disease prevention and management planning. In the training, participants learn new ways to partner with these sectors, including healthcare providers, the educational system, housing, religious organizations, recreational facilities, social support organizations, supermarkets or other food producing and distributing organizations, to create a community plan for reducing diabetes and diabetes complications.

Video: IOM Workshop on Legal Strategies in Childhood Obesity Prevention
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) Standing Committee on Childhood Obesity Prevention hosted a one-day workshop on legal strategies in childhood obesity prevention. It highlighted the evidence on current and potential legal strategies and their outcomes. RWJF Center Director Joe Thompson moderated the afternoon panel on “State and Local Obesity Prevention Strategies and Players.”


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