Healthy Communities – December 10, 2010


The worst holiday drinks


NACDD & ACHIEVE, Changing Policies, Changing Lives

This web-based report is designed to share the stores and experiences from ACHIEVE communities with others to continue to promote building healthy communities through policy, systems and environmental change strategies.  Read real examples of community-based improvements like increased access to and use of attractive and safe locations for engaging in physical activity; revised school food contracts that include more fruits and vegetables and whole grain foods; ordinances that protect children and adults from exposure to secondhand smoke; and requirements for sidewalks to make them more pedestrian friendly.

Healthy People 2020 On December 2nd, the US Department of Health and Human Services unveiled Healthy People 2020, the nation’s new 10-year goals and objectives for health promotion and disease prevention, including a new emphasis on the social determinants of health.

Reports & Articles

Congress Passes Child Nutrition Act, But Don’t Expect Better School Food, The Slow Cook, December 2, 2010  School lunch expert Ed Bruske explains why “school lunch food will still suck.”

Food For Thought: Practical Nutrition for Physicians, San Francisco Medicine, November 2010  This great collection of short articles includes:

  • Marion Nestle’s “Doctor’s Orders: What Should Doctors Tell Patients About Nutrition”
  • David Wallinga’s “An Unhealthy Food System: Suggestions for Physician Advocacy”
  • Brian Raymond’s “Taking Action: A Health Sector Guide to Food System and Agricultural Policy”
  • Kelly Brownell’s “How the Food Industry Drives Us to Eat”

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