TPEP — January 6, 2011


Materials on Social Determinants of Health Slides, a recording, and a messaging guide from a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Vulnerable Populations Portfolio webinar, A New Way to Talk about the Social Determinants of Health, are now available online. These materials provide guidance on ways to create more compelling, effective, and persuasive messages about the social determinants.

Comment on the National Prevention Strategy The National Prevention, Health Promotion and Public Health Council was created by the Affordable Care Act and is in the process of developing a first-ever National Prevention Strategy.  Draft Recommendations, which are overarching priorities with a focus on communities, are now available online and comments and input are being accepted until January 13, 2011.

Reports & Articles

RJ Reynold’s Ads Urge Tobacco Pouches for Smokers, Associated Press, December 30, 2010                                                                                                                                    R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. is targeting people who resolve to quit smoking in the new year with advertisements suggesting they switch to its smokeless tobacco pouches, a move critics say is an attempt to keep people from quitting nicotine.

Judge Strikes Down NYC’s Tobacco Ads A federal judge on Wednesday struck down a New York City law that would have forced all bodegas and convenience stores to post gruesome images of diseased lungs, brains and teeth in the shops to discourage people from buying cigarettes.  Read about this from the Associated Press (December 29, 2010), the New York Times (December 30, 2010), and watch a video from NY1 (December 29, 2010)

Smoke-Free Condos in Vogue, Chicago Journal, December 29, 2010              Clean air is taking on a whole new meaning in the Windy City, where smokers regularly are banished to the great outdoors in restaurants, offices and now, apartments and condominiums.

Massachusetts Hospitals Hope to go Tobacco-Free in 2011, Boston Herald, January 1, 2011                                                                                                                                      The Massachusetts Hospital Association is teaming up with the Department of Public Health this month to unveil the new tobacco-free hospital initiative.  Supporters say hospitals should participate in the voluntary program to help reinforce the state’s anti-smoking message.

FDA Launches Review of Tobacco Products, Health Day, January 5, 2011   Tobacco products introduced or altered since February 2007 must be reviewed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration if they are to remain on the market.

In new FDA guidance, the agency outlines a pathway for marketing a product whereby the company marketing the product must prove that it is “substantially equivalent” to products commercially available on Feb. 15, 2007.  Learn more:


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