Training Opportunities — January 14, 2011

Scholarship Deadline Extended – New Partners for Smart Growth Conference

The application deadline for the New Partners for Smart Growth Conference Diversity Scholarship Fund has been extended until all the funds are allocated. The Diversity Scholarship Fund has been established to help cover the registration fees and travel expenses for minority community leaders and groups whose work is primarily focused on equity and environmental justice issues.

Webinar — Healthy Food Environments: Pricing Incentives, January 24, 11:00 AM PST                                                                                                                                         This hour-long webinar will provide an overview of Healthy Food Environments (HFE), a pricing policy intervention in worksite settings.

Public Health Law & Policy 2011 Webinars

  • 8 Keys to a Strong Policy, February 24 We’ll talk about the difference between policies and programs, and you’ll learn 8 critical steps to making sure a new local policy is on solid ground.
  • Healthier Food for Revitalized Communities, March 24  Learn how you can plug into redevelopment projects to get healthier food options into the plan.
  • Opening Up the Schoolyard, April 28  We’ll take you through the nuts and bolts of how to create contracts that expand access to school grounds with schools, local government, and even nonprofits.
  • Junk Food Marketing to Kids: Can We Stop It? May 26  We’ll look at new strategies that policymakers and advocates across the country have begun exploring to limit food marketing in schools, neighborhoods, and on TV and the internet.
  • Pricing for Health: How to Make Healthy Stuff Cheaper, June 23 Pricing strategies, including taxes, have been very effective in cutting tobacco use.
  • Healthier Corner Stores: Finding the Funding, July 28  Advocates can tap into a range of programs through federal, state, and local agencies to help make corner stores a source of fresh, healthy food instead of just liquor and cigarettes.
  • Walkable Streets and the Law, September 22  We’ll provide an overview of what makes a community walkable and how to consider the liability risks, and we’ll walk you through new tools to make pedestrian-friendly streets the default in your community.
  • New Partnerships for Healthier Corner Stores, November 17  We’ll talk about how advocates can work effectively with store owners to maximize the benefits of nutrition assistance programs (WIC and SNAP) for consumers and retailers alike.


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