TPEP — January 28, 2011


Check out the new Online Clearinghouse for Break the Chain of Tobacco Addiction promotional materials.

Designing Social Media Policy for Government
This document looks at the subtle and shifting boundaries between personal and professional use of social media and implications for agencies developing social media strategies. The brief draws on research by the Center for Technology in Government at the University of Albany and was published by the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings as part of a series to seek and analyze public policy developments in technology innovation.

Updated Smokefree Lists and Maps

The Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation is pleased to announce the January 2011 quarterly update to the lists and maps of US municipalities and states with smoke-free laws now in effect.

Reports & Articles

The FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products posted a Progress Update spanning October 1, 2010-January 15, 2011 outlining its progress in implementing the Tobacco Control Act.

Oregonians buy fewer cigarettes, die less from tobacco-related cancers, The Oregonian, January 26, 2011

While Oregonians buy fewer cigarettes and die less from tobacco-related cancers, the number of people smoking had a slight uptick in 2009 – though public health officials can’t yet say it is a trend.  Listen to this story at Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Oregon City store that sold cigarettes to minors could lose license, The Oregonian, January 24, 2011

Police are asking the City Commission to cancel the business license of a discount cigarette store that has repeatedly sold tobacco to underage customers despite warnings.

Smoking explains why Americans don’t live longer, Reuters, January 25, 2011

Smoking and, to a smaller degree, obesity explain why Americans do not live as long as the French or Japanese.

High-tech smokes help some kick habit, but are they safe? USA Today, January 25, 2011

Thirty years after her first smoke, Stefanie Burns has joined the choir of more than 1 million ex-smokers who sing the praises of the electronic cigarette and credits it with her successful attempt to quit.

Heavy smoking linked to small increase in breast cancer risk, HealthDay, January 24, 2011

Heavy smokers of childbearing age – especially women who have not been pregnant – may fact a modest increase in their risk of developing breast cancer.

Smokefree College & University News


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