TPEP — February 25, 2011


Redefining Cool — This short film explores how movies have been used to normalize smoking and how smoking imagery in movies can influence young people to light up.  The documentary outlines the history of Hollywood’s longstanding relationship with the tobacco industry, including the use of paid product placements and cross-promotions. By providing the facts about tobacco and its powerful influence in movies, public health advocates are hoping that young filmmakers become educated and empowered to use their creative license in ways that avoids promoting tobacco use among youth.

Legacy Fact Sheet: Impact of Smoking in The Movies

New Website Inspires Youth Activism in Tobacco Control — Former Legacy Youth Activist and MTV Teen Choice Award Winner Chad Bullock recently launched a website designed to get young people involved in the fight against tobacco. The website,, is designed to provide information to young people who want to learn more about tobacco or who want to get involved in the movement to create a smoke-free world. The site includes FAQs about emerging tobacco products like hookahs and e-cigarettes, provides cessation resources, and lists grant opportunities, among other information.

Through with Chew Week: February 20-26

Reports & Articles

Smoke-Free Lodgings, USA Today, February 17, 2011 Smoking is prohibited indoors at more than 12,900 US hotels, motels and other lodgings; and a 55% increase in November 2008.  Twenty-seven states have laws specifying the minimum percentage of non-smoking rooms, and more than 700 cities and counties also have laws restricting smoking in rooms.

MGM Grand No Longer Charging $20/Night To Get A Non-Smoking Room, The Consumerist, February 17, 2011  The MGM Grand Las Vegas had begun charging $20 per night to guarantee non-smoking rooms to guests.  That didn’t go over well with the general public and the resort has rescinded the policy.  Read more at USA Today.

Orange County to Ban Smoking on Residential Balconies and Patios, Orange County Register, February 17, 2011  Smoking on residential patios and balconies in the city likely will be prohibited come mid-March, a first-of-its-kind restriction.

Activists Target Tobacco in Pharmacies with “CVS Sells Poison” Campaign,, February 17, 2011  CVS, like other major pharmacies, promotes and sells tobacco products, while simultaneously dispensing medications designed to treat tobacco-related diseases.  This conflict of interest is one that activists are hoping to point out to the stores, customers and lawmakers.

Dirty Air Triggers More Heart Attacks Than Cocaine, Reuters, February 24, 2011 A new study suggests population-wide factors like polluted air should be taken more seriously when looking at heart risks.  While passive smoking was not included in this study, researchers said the effects of second-hand smoke were likely to be similar to that of outdoor air pollution.

US Wants Tobacco Firms to Admit Tobacco’s Ills, New York Times, February 24, 2011  A federal judge on Wednesday unsealed a government proposal that outlines what it wants tobacco companies to say in national advertising and on cigarette packages – that they lied to the American public about so-called light cigarettes and the addictiveness of nicotine.  “We manipulated cigarettes to make them more addictive,” one proposed statement says, while another offers this: “We control nicotine delivery to create and sustain smokers’ addiction, because that’s how we keep customers coming back.”  Read more here.

Altria Plans to Test-Market Smokeless “Tobacco Sticks”, The Wall Street Journal, February 23, 2011  Philip Morris USA will begin marketing spit-free tobacco-coated sticks next month at select retailers in Kansas.  And R. J. Reynolds will begin a second round of testing for Camel Sticks, Camel Strips and Camel Orbs in Denver and Charlotte, NC.  Read more here.

Holding the Line on Hookah Bars, The Oregonian, February 24, 2011 Two years ago, Oregon’s Smokefree Workplace Law removed smoke from some of the last places where smokers felt at home (taverns, bowling alleys and bingo halls).  We celebrated the moment.  It was a landmark for longer lives and healthier lungs.


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