TPEP — March 4, 2011


The Chronic of Higher Education provides a new interactive map with county-level data on the proportion of U.S. adults with a bachelor’s degree over time.

Video: There’s No Sugarcoating Tobacco-Related Disease Legacy’s new campaign illustrates the impact of tobacco on health, spotlights that tobacco companies can’t sell candy-flavored cigarettes but sell tobacco products in 45 candy flavors, and offer “day in the life” looks at what is it like to live with a debilitating tobacco-related illness.  Read more

Reports & Articles

Bills Aim to Increase State Control of Tobacco, Salem Statesman-Journal, February 26, 2011  One tobacco control bill got a friendlier reception than another at Friday’s House Health Care Committee.

Hookah Lounge Owners Fear Bill Bad for Business, The Lund Report, March 3, 2011  Anti-tobacco advocates cite dangers of hookah smoking and its appeal to teens, but lounge owners say they provide a safe cultural experience

People of Color Health Equity Collaborative Advocates for the Under-served The Lund Report, February 28, 2011   The People of Color Health Equity Collaborative is comprised of 16 community-based organizations representing people of color, immigrants and refugee.  The group has big plans to educate Oregon legislators on the importance of health equity, cultural competency, and economic justice for underserved communities.

FDA Panel Reports Menthol Doesn’t Raise Smoker Risk, Wall Street Journal, March 1, 2011 Menthol tobacco products may not increase smokers’ risk of disease more than other cigarettes.

FDA Findings Could Lead to Curbs on Menthol Cigarettes, Chicago Tribune, March 2, 2011  Adding menthol to cigarettes may increase the likelihood of addiction and make it easier for young people to start smoking.

Should E-Cigarettes be Allowed on Planes? The Washington Post, February 28, 2011  The U.S. Department of Transportation plans to ban e-cigarette use on airplanes this spring.

Women and the Smoking Epidemic: Turning the Tide, World Health Organization, March 1, 2011  A new paper shows a strong association between male and female smoking rates, and gender empowerment in many countries, clearly linked to the level of economic development.

Want that New Job? Give Up the Smokes, NBC, March 2, 2011  With unemployment still high, hiring managers feel free to be picky.  Some hiring managers are routinely excluding the unemployed, people with accents or non-traditional hair styles, anyone with bad credit, and smokers.


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