Healthy Communities — March 11, 2011

Interesting and Fun

Many fast-food joints offer healthy-sounding options that aren’t exactly health food. Check out these examples of health-washing: items that appear wholesome, but don’t quite deliver on the nutrition front.


CDC Launches Funding Data and Profiles Website
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has posted a new web page to show funding provided to the states and territories for health departments, universities, and other public and private agencies for public health programs.

Celebrate National Nutrition Month:  “Eat Right with Color”
March is National Nutrition Month – a venue for the American Dietetic Association (ADA) to encourage Americans to focus on eating better. As part of this public education campaign, the ADA’s National Nutrition Month website includes a variety of helpful tips, fun games, promotional tools, and nutrition education resources, all designed around the Eat Right with Color theme.

Heart Disease and Stroke: Profile and Policy Reports
This interactive map provides individual profile and policy reports, with state-specific heart disease and stroke data and legislative policy options for heart disease and stroke prevention efforts.

Reports & Articles

Information for a Healthy Oregon The Oregon Health Care Quality Corporation recently released its second statewide report on primary care performance and updated quality scores for clinics and doctors’ offices across Oregon.

Helping Schools Fight Childhood Obesity With New $$, CNN, March 2, 2011
The government is amping up efforts to get schools to serve more nutritious meals. The Department of Agriculture announced it is putting up $5.5 million dollars in an effort to entice more school districts to join the HealthierUS School Challenge.

Will A Bike Ride a Day Keep the Doctor Away?: Researcher Says Portland’s Bike Paths Will Cut Its Health Costs Portland Tribune, March 3, 2011 A Swiss epidemiologist  has put together the first-ever cost/benefit analysis on biking in a U.S. city.  He looked at how many fewer health care dollars will be spent on Portland’s citizens as a result of their getting more regular exercise from biking, and thus incurring fewer chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.

Why Cartoon Characters Make Kids’ Food Taste Better, TIME Magazine, March 8, 2011 A new study finds that when kids see familiar and favorite characters from cartoons or movies on food packaging, they tend to like that food more.

Doctors Don’t Discuss Weight Issues with Patients, CNN’s Health Blog, March 1, 2011
A new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine reports that doctors do not tell their patients that they are overweight or obese. When the doctor did speak to the patient about their weight issues, that patient was twice as likely to try and lose weight following the appointment, suggesting that a doctor can have a strong influence on encouraging patients’ healthy behaviors.


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