TPEP — April 22, 2011

Tobacco Use Among American Indian or Alaska Native Middle- and High-School Students in the United States, Nicotine and Tobacco Research, March 2011 (Full text pdf)

Influence of Traditional Tobacco Use on Smoking Cessation among American Indians, Addiction, 2011 (Full text pdf)

State Smoke-free Laws for Worksites, Restaurants, and Bars – United States, 2000-2010, CDC MMWR, April 22, 2011  If current trends continue, the nation could be 100 percent smokefree by 2020.

The Office on Smoking and Health has developed web-based and social media materials to spread the word about this report:

Or read national coverage of this report from the Associated Press:  US Predicts Smoking Bans in Every State By 2020

Cigarettes are Toxic for the Environment, Legacy, April 19, 2011 Not only is tobacco the number one cause of preventable death in the United States, it is also the number one littered item found on beaches and in cities.  Nearly 2 million cigarettes or filters/butts were picked up internationally, with more than one million from the US alone, as part of the International Coastal Cleanup in 2010.

Thirdhand Smoke Harmful to Unborn Babies’ Lungs, Medical News Today, April 19, 2011 A new study found that prenatal exposure to toxic components of tobacco smoke (thirdhand smoke) can have as serious or an even more negative impact on infants’ lung development as postnatal or childhood exposure to smoke.


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