TPEP — May 6, 2011


A recent fact sheet from SAMHSA shows that teen mothers are more likely to smoke, drink and use marijuana than teens who are not mothers.

Articles & Reports

 Cigarette smoking interventions among diverse populations, American Journal of Health Promotion, May/June 2011 This special journal issue addresses the need to increase access to tobacco interventions among minorities and low socioeconomic groups.

Passive smoking raises blood pressure in boys, The Guardian, May 1, 2011 A new study finds that passive smoking can raise blood pressure levels in boys, putting them at higher risk of hypertension in later life.  The same study found that girls exposed to secondhand smoke had lower blood pressure than girls who were not exposed.

Oregon lawmakers aim to limit growth of hookah lounges, The Oregonian, May 1, 2011 As Oregon lawmakers and advocacy groups have sought to make the state’s indoor buildings smoke free, they say one type of business was unintentionally exempted from the rules – hookah lounges.

Asthma rates up despite smoke-free laws: who suffers most? CBS, May 4, 2011 Despite the fact that outdoor air quality has improved – we’ve reduced two common asthma triggers, secondhand smoke and smoking, in general – asthma is increasing.

Cupertino city council votes to put a stop to smoking in recreational areas, San Jose (CA) Mercury News, May 5, 2011 The Cupertino City Council unanimously amended a city ordinance that now prohibits smoking in recreational areas such as city parks.


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