Training Opportunities — May 19, 2011

Archived Webinars: Build a Higher Performing, Evidence-Based Public Health Agency

Did you miss NACCHO’s two webinars on building a higher performing, evidence-based public health agency? The webinars covered how LHDs can make the biggest impact possible with the resources available to them. Participants learned about the CDC- sponsored Guide to Community Preventive Services and how it can be a resource for their communities.

Webinar: Community Transformation Grants: Best Practices in Health Public Health Law & Policy is available to partner with communities at every step of the policy development process.  On June 2nd, PHLP will help participants identify which strategies have the greatest potential – information that will strengthen Community Transformation Grant proposals.  The webinar will cover:

  • Assessing Opportunities: What policies will do the most to help all residents of your community make the healthy choice the easy choice?
  • Strategizing Possibilities: What options have worked in other communities like yours? What is possible in the short term? The long term?
  • Determining Solutions: What realistic, practical policies can your community put in place to make people healthier?
  • Creating Tools: Is the right tool for the job already out there? Or do we need to develop something new—and legally sound—that precisely fits your needs?
  • Implementing Plans: How can you take action on your vision of a healthier community?

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