Healthy Communities — June 3, 2011

Just for Fun

A scan of numerous 3,500-year-old mummies has identified an Egyptian princess as the first known case of heart disease.

Should “corn sugar” be an allowable ingredient name for high fructose corn syrup?  The Corn Refiners Association thinks so!  Check out their latest “consumer education” vides here:

And congratulations to Wilsonville, Oregon – one of 11 communities singled out by the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center for recognition for commitment to improving walkability and pedestrian safety.


The APHA’s Transportation Toolkit is now available This toolkit is an attempt to build a bridge between the public health and transportation communities, to create a common language for use by public health advocates that ensures our voices are heard by those who need to hear them.

Online Video Workshop Series: Success Students Through Healthy Food and Fitness Policies This series of videos from California inform you about opportunities for improving physical activity and increasing the consumption of healthier beverages in schools.  Topics include Moderate to Vigorous Physical Activity in Physical Education Physical Activity During the School Day and Safe Routes to School.

Articles & Reports

The New Prevention Fund – An Investment in the Future Health of America, March 2011 This report details what each state is receiving from the Prevention Fund this year to reduce disease rates in the state and help ensure today’s children are not the first generation in U.S. history to live shorter, less healthy lives than their parent. CPPW specific success stories are also available

Goodbye Food Pyramid, Hello Dinner Plate, New York Times, May 27, 2011           The food pyramid, which has been confusing consumers for over 25 years, has been replaced by something simpler.  The circular plate is meant to give consumers a fast, easily grasped reminder of the basics of a healthy diet.  It will consist of four colored sections for fruits, vegetables, grains and protein.  Marion Nestle provides an overview of other food plate graphics.  Learn more at

Nearly 1 In 5 Young Adults Has High Blood Pressure NPR, May 26, 2011           Federal health officials say the expanding waistlines and higher body mass index of young adults are causing unexpected problems, including an increase in diabetes, kidney disease and even arthritis.

Pediatricians warn against energy and sports drinks for kids, NPR, May 31, 2011 Sports and energy drinks are hugely popular with kids, but the nation’s pediatricians are not such big fans.


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