Healthy Communities — June 10, 2011


A Worldwide Day’s Worth of Food In their new book, What I Eat, photographer Peter Menzel and writer Faith D’Aluisio present thought-provoking portraits of individuals around the globe and the food that fuels them over the course of a single day.


Action Briefs on Environmental and Policy Change to Support Healthy Aging The CDC Healthy Aging Research Network (CDC-HAN) has four new action briefs addressing various aspects of environmental and policy change to achieve optimal living: Promising Strategies; Frameworks to Guide Change; Getting Around; and Home Environments.  Recorded presentations, online discussion and online resources are also available.

“What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam?” is a new exhibit at the National Archives in Washington, DC that traces the government’s effect on what Americans eat. The exhibit explores the consumer demands for the government to provide safe and inexpensive food and the government’s response and role in production, regulation, research, innovation, and economics of the food supply. In addition, the exhibit explores the government’s attempt to change American eating habits.

Help your constituents with diabetes plan a safe and healthy vacation this summer with the National Diabetes Education Program’s article, Have Diabetes. Will Travel. For those working to prevent type 2 diabetes, share NDEP’s article, Preventing Type 2 Diabetes When You’re On-the-Go, for ideas to fit physical activity and healthy eating into travel plans

New Initiative: Let’s Move! Child Care Part of the Let’s Move! Campaign, this is a new effort to work with child care providers to help youngest children get off to a healthy start.  It includes a checklist that providers and parents can use as a tool to encourage healthy eating and physical activity and limit screen time.

Articles & Reports

Nutrition Plate Unveiled, Replacing Food Pyramid New York Times, June 2, 2011
The new design, called MyPlate, was conceived as a crucial part of Mrs. Obama’s campaign against obesity, designed to remind consumers about the basics of a healthful diet. The plate is split into four sections, for fruit, vegetables, grains and protein. A smaller circle sits beside it for dairy products.

House GOP Pushes Back Against Health Measures Affecting School Lunches, Tobacco Washington Post, June 1, 2011 House Republicans are pushing back against a series of public health measures, including school lunch standards and tobacco regulation, teeing up a confrontation with Senate Democrats and the White House over the reach of government in daily life.  Read more from ABC News

Lobbyists Want Fries And Pizza To Stay In School, NPR, June 7, 2011 Some student food favorites are under attack in Washington. The Agriculture Department has released new standards for school nutrition and published them for public comment. Speaking right up are lobbyists for the food industry.

Why recess is serious business, The Washington Post, June 8, 2011 Here’s a story about a school that had no recess for kids, until a teacher showed the principal how to get kids to listen and organize games – and how important the time is for students.


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