TPEP — June 17, 2011

Just for Fun

You probably know that nicotine is addictive … and that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the nation. But did you know that tobacco kills more people in the United States than AIDS, alcohol, car accidents, murders, suicides, drugs, and fires combined?  Take the tobacco and health quiz.


Applying the “DeMarco Factor” to Tobacco Control Policy Change Webinar recordings now available.

  • Part 1 (May 11, 2011): This webinar includes an overview of the nine-question strategic planning tool and 6-step process for policy campaigns, with reference to real campaigns in which they were applied.
  • Part 2 (June 8, 2011): This webinar begins with an overview of the diverse leadership traits that, when combined, can increase the likelihood of success in a tobacco control advocacy campaign. The presenters explain how tobacco control program leaders can bring together the needed perspectives to carry out an inclusive, strategic campaign.

Articles & Reports

Saving Lives, Saving Money, 2011, American Cancer Society- Cancer Action Network, June 2011.  This report provides advocates and lawmakers with new concrete evidence that smoke-free laws and tobacco taxes save lives and save money.  The report, executive summary and state fact sheets are all available.

Smoking Increases Risk of Peripheral Arterial Disease in Women, LA Times, June 7, 2011 The more a woman smokes, the more likely she is to develop peripheral artery disease, a debilitating condition where the narrowing of the arteries restricts blood flow to extremities.

Some Military Bases Discount Tobacco More than Law Allows, American Public Media¸ June 1, 2011 Smoking and chewing tobacco use in the armed forces is widespread. Yet many military bases break the rules and sell tobacco at big discounts.

Lighting up at University of Michigan about to get harder, Detroit Free Press, June 12, 2011 U-M will be the first major university in the state to ban smoking on its campus, including in popular open spaces such as the Diag – the university’s version of Central Park.

How Big Tobacco’s Trying to Regain Lost Group in the US, Motley Food, June 9, 2011 Some cigarette makers are seeing an opportunity to shore up their top lines despite new anti-smoking laws – a smokeless opportunity.

In Oregon news!

Smoking in front of children can make them addicted to nicotine, The Daily Mail, June 14, 2011 A new study found that tweens who repeatedly observe a parent, sibling, friend or neighbor consuming cigarettes are more likely to start smoking themselves.

No Butts About it: Cruise Lines Restrict Smoking, MSNBC, June 16, 2011 Citing changing passenger preferences, Carnival Cruise Lines, Holland America, and Princess Cruises have announced more restrictive smoking policies.  Read more at USA Today.


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