Funding Opportunities — July 1, 2011

North Face Launches Explore Fund Grant Program to Help Connect Young People to the Outdoors Deadline for Applications:  October 5, 2011

Outdoor gear company the North Face‘s Explore Fund is a grant program to support U.S. nonprofit organizations that help young people connect to the outdoors. The grants are a part of the company’s mission to encourage an active healthy lifestyle and protection of the nation’s natural landscapes by creating a stronger connection with the outdoors.  $125,000 in grants is available to nonprofit organizations in 2011. Grants of up to $2,500 each will be awarded to organizations that help children connect to nature, increase access to both front and backcountry recreation, and provide education for both personal and environmental health. The proposed program or project should focus on a specific community or place of interest.  Applicants must be nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations.

Innovative Social Media Strategies to Reach Open to Smoking Youth The purpose of this initiative is to identify and counter pro-tobacco messages and related online youth influences by creating and implementing innovative social media strategies to target and influence open-to-smoking youth ages 12-17. To be effective and efficient, these strategies must be implemented within the framework of an existing, proven, branded, national youth tobacco prevention counter-marketing campaign with an advanced online/social media presence and a strong youth following.


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