TPEP — July 1, 2011


truth® youth smoking prevention campaign kicks off annual summer tour
truth, the nation’s largest smoking prevention campaign for youth, began its twelfth annual nationwide summer tour on Friday, June 24th, with a stop in Dallas, Texas. Traveling throughout the United States this summer, truth continues its life-saving mission to educate young people about the health effects, addictiveness and social consequences of tobacco use.

Here’s the Portland report from last year’s truth tour

This year, tour riders and their signature orange “truth truck” will make more than fifty stops across 29 states, as they travel to some of the season’s hottest teen-oriented events.  See the full tour schedule at

Articles & Reports

Oregon’s Hookah Bill roundup:

Trends in smokeless tobacco use in the US workforce: 1987-2005, Tobacco Induced Diseases, June 2011 According to a new study, smokeless tobacco use has not increased as workplace smoking restrictions have become more widespread in recent years. The data also show that workplace smoke-free policies were associated with lower prevalence of tobacco use.

Report on harm from menthol cigarettes due this year, Bloomberg News, June 27, 2011  The Food and Drug Administration said it will issue preliminary findings on the health effects of menthol cigarettes this year after outside advisers review an internal report starting next month.

NYC smoking ban called “an absolute joke”, The Wall Street Journal, June 27, 2011  In the first month of New York City’s new smoking ban in 1,700 parks and along 14 miles of beaches, the city has issued a grand total of one ticket.

New national report shows illegal tobacco sales to minors at an all-time low, SAMHSA, June 28, 2011  A new report on the Synar Amendment program – a federal and state partnership aimed at ending illegal tobacco sales to minors – shows that the average national retailer violate rate of tobacco sales to minors is down to 9.3 percent, the lowest level since the program began.  More on this at USA Today.

More news on graphic warning labels:  Smoking Can Kill You, The Eugene Register-Guard, June 24, 2011

Born to Lose: Health Inequality at Birth, The New York Times Economix blog, June 27, 2011 In an imaginary world of equal opportunity we would all be free to choose our own economic future. In reality, many children in the United States are born to lose, suffering health disadvantages at birth that reduce their likelihood of economic success.


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