TPEP — July 22, 2011


The American Academy of Pediatrics launched its new Tobacco Prevention Policy Tool – an interactive web-based tool that describes policy strategies that support prevention of youth tobacco initiation, reduction in secondhand smoke exposure, and support for cessation.

This interactive map from the Washington Post breaks down life expectancy by county and state, race, and sex.

Articles & Reports

Salem Council Votes Not To Ban Park Smoking, Salem Statesman-Journal, July 12, 2011 Salem City Council voted down an ordinance that would have banned smoking in Salem parks; The council’s decision rested on the difficulty of catching a smoker in the act and the ability to stop smoking at large events.

Job Corps Goes Smoke-Free, Daily Astorian, July 19, 2011 The Tongue Point Job Corps Center has declared the school a smoke-free campus – months ahead of schedule – affecting at least half of the student body.

Smokers Turn to Pipe Tobacco to Avoid Higher Taxes, Action to Quit, July 14, 2011 Sales of pipe tobacco are skyrocketing, but not because more Americans are smoking pipes.  Loose bags of pipe tobacco are being sold at smoke shops and online for use in roll-your-own cigarettes.

Judge Dismisses Safeway Suit Against San Francisco Ban on Tobacco in Stores with Pharmacies, Washington Post, July 15, 2011 A federal judge found that the city of San Francisco has the right to ban tobacco sales in stores with pharmacies even if the pharmacy is not the store’s main business and that the grocery store chain Safeway Inc. did not have the constitutional right to sell cigarettes.

San Francisco Cracks Down on Hookah Lounges, ABC7/KGO-TV, July 15, 2011 The smoking ban in San Francisco has been in place for years, but a change to that law last year is now having an impact on places where a certain kind of smoking has continued.


For the First Time, Majority in US Supports Public Smoking Ban, Gallup Organization, July 15, 2011 A majority of Americans (59%) support a ban on smoking in all public places.  At the same time, fewer than 2 in 10 support the idea of making smoking totally illegal in this country.

Secondhand Smoke May Affect Teenagers’ Hearing, New York Times, July 19, 2011 Research published in the July issue of The Archives of Otolaryngology – head and neck surgery, tested teenagers for exposure to tobacco smoke.

The Hidden Epidemic: Tobacco Use and Mental Illness, Legacy for Health, July 2011 This new publication addresses the need for tobacco cessation interventions for this disparately affected population whose smoking rates are twice that of the general public.

E-Cigarette or Drug Delivery Device? Legacy for Health, July 2011 According to a new article in New England Journal of Medicine¸ devices marketed as ‘electronic cigarettes’ are in reality crude drug delivery systems for refined nicotine, posing unknown risks with little new benefits to smokers.


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