Training Opportunities — August 12, 2011

Archived Webinars

Upcoming Opportunities

Fundamentals of Evaluation web-course, Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium, registration open until August 19th Evaluation plays a critical role in demonstrating program accountability and improving program effectiveness.  Fundamentals of Evaluation guides participants through the evaluation process – from planning to reporting results – while giving them the opportunity to develop their own evaluation plan.

Planning for Healthy Places with Health Impact Assessments is a “how to” guide for conducting health impact assessments (HIAs), developed by the American Planning Association and the National Association of County & City Health Officials, sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This online course will explain the value of conducting an HIA and the steps involved in conducting an HIA. Throughout the course, examples of health impact assessments have been highlighted and discussed. This course is free of charge until mid-September.

Webinar: Creating More Active Communities through Joint Use Agreements, August 26, 11:00 AM This webinar will provide an overview of joint use, describe the most common types of JUAs for recreation and physical activity, outline typical barriers and opportunities to joint use based on interviews with school and parks administrators, and present one planner’s decade-long experience leading a joint use task force in North Carolina, focusing on his efforts to enhance the collaboration between more than two dozen local agencies.

Insights to Motivate Healthful, Active Lifestyles Summit, September 19th New York City The International Food Information Council Foundation’s Global Diet and Physical Activity Communications Summit will provide expert insights and best-practices for the use of science-based, behavior-focused communications in order to motivate individuals and families to achieve healthful, active lifestyles, with the goal of helping to reduce the incidence of non-communicable diseases.

Webinar Series: Safe Places to Play and be Active  Join us for the first of this three-part webinar series to learn how advocates are transforming neighborhoods into safe and healthy communities by increasing access to parks and open space as well as investing in physical activity infrastructure like sidewalks, bike lanes, and crosswalks.

  • Part One: Enhancing Physical Activity Environments through Data and Walkability Assessments, August 23, 2011 10:30 AM Register here!

Save the Dates!  Webinar Series: Empowering Coalitions for Community Change

All webinars will be broadcast live at 1:00 pm CST.  Links for individual webinars will be shared before each event and will also be posted at  Email with any questions

September: Communication

  • 9/8/11 – Get the Message Out: Practical Community Planning
  • 9/22/11– Messaging Principles That Work

October: Coalition Building

  • 10/6/11 – Planning for Sustainability: Building Agility, Community Leverage and Strategic Learning
  • 10/20/11 – Engaging Community and Mobilizing Supporters

November: Advocacy

  • 11/3/11 – Obesity Prevention Policy in Wisconsin: Key Priorities and Coordination of State and Local Efforts
  • 11/1711 – Impacting Health Policy by Building Relationships with Your Policymakers

December: Evidence-Based Strategies and Evaluation

  • 12/1/11 – Using Evidence-Based Practices and Evaluation in Prevention
  • 12/15/11 – Logic Modeling for Strong Evaluation and Funding Success

  Call for Abstracts

  • Weight of the Nation™ 2012 (registration required), Abstracts due October 2, 2011    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention presents Weight of the Nation™ 2012, its national conference on obesity prevention and control.

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