TPEP — September 2, 2011

Tobacco advertising is problematic all around the world: A Southeast Asian anti-tobacco group on Friday demanded cigarette maker Sampoerna withdraw a billboard advertisement they deemed “irresponsible.”

The advertisement depicts two young men standing on the edge of the door of a moving bus holding on to their friend who was getting left behind. The sentence “Lebih baik pulang nama daripada tinggalkan teman” (It’s better to die than leave your friend behind) was written on the image.

To the right of the image was the Sampoerna logo and the tagline, “A fun friend.”

Articles & Reports

Smokers with Co-Morbid Conditions can Quit with Help from Doctors, Nicotine & Tobacco Research, August 2011  According to a new study, smokers who also have alcohol, drug, and mental disorders would benefit greatly from smoking cessation counseling from their primary care physician, and would be five times more successful at quitting smoking if they received help.

Newspapers Slam Big Tobacco for Warning Label Lawsuit, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, August 29, 2011 Newspapers around the country say big tobacco’s latest legal challenge is just another bid to push their deadly products.  From the New York to California, newspapers–who know a thing or two about the First Amendment–reject tobacco companies’ claims that their constitutional right to free speech is violated by the law’s requirement for stronger, bigger package warnings.

Utah Gives Hookah the Hook, Salt Lake Tribune, August 29, 2011 The Utah Department of Health announced Monday that it has amended the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act to ban hookah products that contain tobacco.  The rule goes into effect September 12th.

The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse’s 2011 Teen Survey,, August 24, 2011 For the first time, CASA Columbia’s 2011 annual teen survey explored teen social network use in relation to teen substance abuse and found that teens ages 12-17 who spend any time in a typical day on social networking sites like Facebook, or who have seen pictures on social networking sites of kids getting drunk, passed out, or using drugs, are five times more likely to use tobacco, three times more likely to drink alcohol, and twice as likely to smoke marijuana.


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