TPEP — September 15, 2011

Articles & Reports

Secondhand Smoke May Cause Hearing Loss, Clinical Advisor, September 8, 2011 An analysis of data from 1,533 persons aged 12 to 19 years participating in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2005-2006 (NHANES) has uncovered an association between secondhand smoke and an increased risk of hearing loss in members of this age group, with most of them being unaware of the problem.

Tobacco Smoke Exposes Children to Lead, Johns Hopkins Newsletter, September 8, 2011 Researchers at the Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have found that children in the United States exposed to secondhand smoke show an increase in blood lead levels.  Exposure to secondhand smoke is responsible for several health problems in children, including lower respiratory tract infections and reduced lung growth.

San Francisco Bans Smoking in All Public Places,, September 13, 2011 City officials in San Francisco voted Tuesday to ban smoking in all parks, public squares and many other outdoor spaces owned by the city.

Smokers: Kicking the Habit May Improve Your Personality, The Independent, September 14, 2011 New research from the University of Missouri found that people who are more impulsive, more emotionally negative and more anxious are also more likely to smoke.  When young adults quit smoking, these traits improved.  Read more at Psych Central.

Study: Campus Smoking Ban Reduced Students’ Smoking, Changed Attitudes, Indiana University, September 14, 2011 A lightly enforced campus smoking ban significantly reduced student smoking during a two-year period and changed students’ attitudes toward smoking regulations, according to a study that examined students’ smoking behaviors on two similar campuses – one with and one without a campus-wide smoke-free air policy.


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