TPEP — September 30, 2011

Outrageous! Tobacco companies are sponsoring more than 100 elementary schools in China.  Students entering the Sichuan Tobacco Hope Elementary School see this sign every morning:

“Talent comes from hard work – Tobacco helps you become talented.”

Resources gives a good overview of point of purchase policy solutions and provides lots of resources for local organizations.


The American Lung Association in Oregon kicks off a “Smokefree Cars with Kids” Campaign to promote a smokefree car policy.  Join the “Smokefree Cars with Kids” Facebook Group to continue the conversation!

Articles & Reports

State Hopes Graphic Ads Will Get People to Stop Smoking, KVAL-TV Eugene, September 23, 2011 The State of Oregon is hoping that a new series of graphic television ads will persuade more people to quit or not take up smoking in the first place. You can watch the graphic ads online at

Judge Questions Images for Cigarette Packages Associated Press, September 21, 2011

A federal judge peppered a government lawyer with questions  expressing doubts about whether the Food and Drug Administration can force tobacco companies to post graphic images on their cigarette packages showing the health effects of smoking.

Current Cigarette Smoking Prevalence Among Working Adults – United States, 2004-2010, CDC MMWR, September 29, 2011 This new MMWR found large disparities in smoking prevalence across industry and occupation groups.  Smoking is lowest in the education services industry (9.7%) and highest in mining and food services industries (30%).

New Study Reveals the Big Problem of Little Cigars, Legacy for Health, September 19, 2011

A new study in the American Journal of Public Health is the first to measure brand usage trends and the prevalence of cigar use.  The data show a significant rise in cigar use among young adults and other populations.

The top five brands most frequently smoked were Black & Mild, Swisher Sweets, Phillies, White Owls, and Garcia y Vega.


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