TPEP — October 7, 2011

Articles & Reports

Economic Impact of Living with a Smoker,, September 2011 Researchers from the Harvard Morgan Institute for Health Policy at Massachusetts General Hospital recently discovered that children in homes with one smoker missed an average of one day of school more per year than children of non-smokers. Children living in two-smoker homes missed over 1.5 more days of school.

With Public Smoking Bans in Place, Hookah Use is on the Rise, The Atlantic, September 2011 The researchers note that the American Lung Association suggests that the public cigarette ban may actually be helping to increase the popularity of the lounges because they provide a legal alternative for smoking socially with peers. It may also give the impression that hookah smoking is safe

Never Too Old to Quit, New York Times Blogs, September 23, 2011 While the rate of smoking in those over age 65 is smaller than it is in the younger population, older smokers are much less likely to try to quit.

A Forgotten Community: New Report Examines the Impact of Tobacco Use Among People with Mental Illnesses, American Legacy Foundation, October 6, 2011 Smoking rates among the mentally ill are significantly higher than other groups in the United States.

FDA to Study Effect of Tobacco Rules on Smokers, Reuters, October 6, 2011 A new joint effort from the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health will follow the behavior and health of 40,000 smokers aged 12 and older to study the effects of new tobacco regulations.

Baseball Can’t Kick Tobacco Habit, USA Today, September 27, 2011 Major League Baseball is weighing whether to strike down one of baseball’s grittiest traditions and prohibit tobacco use in the majors. But as baseball’s regular season wraps up, it’s clear that many players-whose union would have to agree to such a change-will resist.


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