Training Opportunities — October 7, 2011

Training Opportunities

Call for Abstracts: 2012 National Health Promotion SummitPrevention. Promotion. Progress.   The Department of Health and Human Services is requesting innovative disease prevention and health promotion programs for presentation in April 2012. Submit an abstract.

Archived Webinar: Behavioral Health & Tobacco: The Final Frontier         This webinar was presented by the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center and the Association for the Treatment of Tobacco Use and Dependence on September 29th.

Webinar: State Strategies for School Siting – Locating Schools for Better Health, Environmental, and Fiscal Outcomes, October 18th 11:00 AM Pacific.

This webinar will highlight actions underway in New Hampshire and other states to encourage more community-centered schools.  It will also provide an introduction to the first-ever federal guidelines for locating school facilities, and emphasize the importance of considering equity from the outset of school siting decisions.

Webinar: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – Key Provisions for Public Health October 11th 10:00 AM Pacific


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