TPEP — October 21, 2011

Need another perspective on tobacco control? Convenience Store News provides the highlights from a recent webinar for convenience stores on targeting Other Tobacco Product shoppers:

Wall of Tobacco Products at Gas Station

With the right tools, retailers can win their share — and even more than their share — of OTP dollars.

“The OTP shopper is worth three times the annual dollars vs. the average convenience store shopper”

Articles & Reports

Opinion: Killer Tobacco Doesn’t Fit with Pharmacies’ Mission,, October 18, 2011 If pharmacies and pharmacists are dedicated to the health of the public, it should also be considered both unethical and hypocritical to sell tobacco products, especially to the sick individuals who seek their services.

Can School Nurses Help Teens Quit Smoking? Reuters, October 19, 2011 Going to a few counseling sessions with a school nurse helped some high school students quit smoking in the short term – but it didn’t seem to influence whether they kicked the habit for good.


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