TPEP — November 4, 2011


The CDC Learning Connection highlights an extensive compilation of learning products, resources, trainings, and social media tools to help the public health community learn more about the harmful effects of tobacco use. Also included are a range of resources useful to the general public.

New Diabetes and Tobacco Research Briefs highlight findings from the 2010 National Profile of Local Health Departments and give a comprehensive picture of Local Health Department sructures, workforce, financing, governance, activities and services.

Partnership for Prevention’s ActionToQuit Initiative has released a tobacco cessation implementation guide for hospitals.  Care providers and hospital leaders can use this tool to implement a comprehensive tobacco cessation program for patients.

Articles & Reports

City Pursues Smoke-Free Rule for Public Parks, Curry Coastal Pilot, October 29, 2011 The city of Brookings has taken another step toward making its parks smoke-free.

A Qualitative Investigation of Smoke-Free Policies on Hospital Property, Canadian Medical Association Journal, October 31, 2011 Policies mandating smoke-free hospital property have important consequences beyond noncompliance, including concerns over patient safety and disruptions to care. Without adequately available and accessible support for withdrawal from tobacco, patients will continue to face personal risk when they leave hospital property to smoke.

Flavored tobacco products targeting youth, ABC News – Florida, October 25, 2011 Tobacco companies are now targeting kids with a sweet incentive. New candy-flavored tobacco products are hitting the shelves of area convenience stores and 16-year-old Marisa Santoyo-Solorio says it’s catching the attention of her peers.

Video story here:


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