Training Opportunities — November 18, 2011

Life’s Sweeter Summit 2012, June 7-8 2012 in Washington DC.

The focus will be on strengthening and motivating a growing public health movement to reduce sugary-drink consumption in the United States.

Webinar: Increasing Bicycling in Low-Income Communities, November 30th 10:00 AM Pacific  This webinar will showcase the programs of experts from organizations that have found new and innovative ways to engage low-income communities in bicycling and Safe Routes to School while implementing a sustainable, successful model that increases bicycling in low-income neighborhoods.

Webinar: Promoting Public Health Approach to Disability – Episode 2: CDC’s Life Course Model for Children and Young Adults with Chronic Conditions, November 29, 2011 1:00 pm Pacific.  This webinar will focus on CDC’s Life Course Model and public health approach for rare and complex disabling conditions, such as fragile X syndrome, muscular dystrophy and spina bifida.  Panelists will provide an overview of childhood-onset conditions, discuss current approaches to data collection, and describe how CDC incorporates a life course approach into its work.


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