Tobacco — December 2, 2011


Fact Sheet: Becoming a Policy Wonk on Nonsmoking Housing Units Ordinances This document from California’s Center for Tobacco Policy and Organizing features answers to tough questions that elected officials and opponents may ask about smokefree housing ordinances.

Fact Sheet: Content-Neutral Advertising Laws This document from the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium contains pointers that communities can use when developing content-neutral advertising laws that restrict all advertising without regard to content, thus minimizing the potential to violate commercial free speech rights guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Fact Sheet: Is it Legal to Ban Tobacco Sales in Pharmacies?  This document from the Technical Assistance Legal Center discusses outcomes from three lawsuits filed after San Francisco banned the sale of tobacco in pharmacies in 2008.

Issue Brief: Overview of Comprehensive Tobacco Control Strategies This new brief from NACCHO discusses the five components of a comprehensive tobacco control program and provides examples of how local health departments have practiced effective tobacco control strategies.

Articles & Reports

States Slash Funding for Tobacco Prevention Programs by 36 Percent, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, November 30, 2011 States have slashed funding for programs to reduce tobacco use by 12 percent in the past year and by 36 percent over the past four years, threatening the nation’s progress against tobacco, according to a report released today by a coalition of public health organizations including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The Economic Impact of State Cigarette Taxes and Smoke-Free Air Policies on Convenience Stores, Tobacco Control, November 2011 New research shows that cigarette taxes and strong smokefree air policies do not negatively impact convenience stores.  Contrary to what the tobacco industry wants the public to believe, higher cigarette taxes were not correlated with lower convenience store density.

Major League Baseball to “Limit” Use of Smokeless Tobacco, Associated Press, November 22, 2011  Baseball’s new labor deal will limit the use of smokeless tobacco by players, but not ban it during games, as some public health groups had sought.  Players have agreed not to carry tobacco cans in their back pockets or use tobacco during pregame or postgame interviews.

Dissolvable Tobacco Products Appealing to Women, Winston-Salem Journal, November 20, 2011 Adult female tobacco users have proven an elusive consumer group for manufacturers’ smokeless products, particularly if they involve spitting.  However, Camel dissolvable tobacco products are gaining traction with females in the Charlotte and Denver test markets.

Roll-Your-Own Smoke Shops Under Fire, Associated Press, November 22, 2011 Sales of loose tobacco spark tax disputes in New York City and elsewhere.

Americans Maintain Spending on Cigarettes Despite Cost Crunch on Food, Shelter and Health Care, New York Daily News, November 17, 2011 Despite having less money for food, a decent place to live, or access to health care, many smokers kept on shelling out money for cigarettes.

Can Smaller Pack Sizes Help Smokers Quit? CNN, November 17, 2011 The government currently mandates 20 cigarettes per pack, but the Yale School of Public Health believes that cutting down to 10 cigarettes per pack could nudge smokers to smoke less and quit.

Cigotine Holds Cigarette Butt Cleanup at Occupy Wall Street, Yahoo! Finance, November 11, 2011 A leading e-cigarette company conducted a volunteer cigarette butt cleanup in Zuccotti Park while also distributing free disposable e-cigarettes to protest participants who smoke. While performing the cleanup, the team also distributed free disposable e-cigarettes to smokers, in hopes of getting them to refrain from using traditional cigarettes in the public park, which is illegal throughout New York City.

Smoking to be Banned in 20 Parks in Seoul, Korea Broadcasting System, December 1, 2011 The Seoul Metropolitan Government has banned smoking in 20 city government-run parks, as well as transit stations.  The recent move comes after Seoul Plaza, Cheonggye Plaza and Gwanghamun Square were designated nonsmoking areas in June.

And in Local News:

Countdown Officially Begins to a Smoke-Free UO Campus, KEZI , November 21, 2011 The effort to make the University of Oregon campus smoke-free has been more than eight years in the works.  Campus health advocates are now marking the official countdown to September 1, 2012.

Tobacco Policy Reversal? The World, November 30, 2011 The Reedsport school board is considering a reversal of last month’s decision to lighten up on the punishment for athletes caught using tobacco.

Monmouth May Consider Park Smoking Ban, Polk County Itemizer-Observer,  December 1, 2011 More than half of the respondents to a questionnaire about smoking in city parks said they weren’t bothered by somebody lighting up, yet nearly 60 percent said they would approve of banning smoking in all of Monmouth’s parks.


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