Healthy Communities — December 8, 2011

The Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Section wants to hear from you about your data needs. We are working with an independent contractor to collect your opinions about our reports and your preferences for future changes. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey now. The link will be active until December 21, 2011.”


Video of the Week: Let’s Start a Conversation about Health  The goal of this Canadian video is to engage individuals and organizations to begin a conversation about ways to achieve healthier communities, regardless of social and economic status.

The CDC has launched a new website for the National Diabetes Prevention Program – a structured lifestyle intervention program for type 2 diabetes.

Check out all of Oregon’s Safe Routes to School-funded projects since 2005!  You can read success stories and find local funded projects.  Go to Data Central at the National Center for SRTS, then click on the button that says “Find State Data” and select Oregon.

Articles and Reports

Sugar in Children’s Cereals: Popular Brands Pack More Sugar than Snack Cakes and Cookies, Environmental Working Group, December 2011

This new report details the shocking amounts of sugar in children’s cereals.  Kellogg’s Honey Smacks, at nearly 56% sugar by weight, won the top prize, packing more sugar (20 grams per cup) than a Hostess Twinkie!

Businesses Pledge ‘Healthier Choices’ For Customers [Audio] NPR, December 2, 2011
Leaders of supermarkets, hotel chains and restaurant groups gathered in Washington this week for a summit aimed at shaping private sector solutions to the obesity epidemic.

Hyatt Hotels to Make Children’s Menus Healthier USA Today, November 29, 2011
Over the coming year, you’ll likely see fruits or vegetables automatically arrive on your child’s plate – instead of fries or chips. And kids will be able to get a free refill on their low-fat milk, similar to the way soda is typically sold today.

And in what Obama Foodorama calls “a fundamental shift in the Let’s Move campaign,” Michelle Obama announced in a speech last week that she will now focus on getting kids to be more active.

Medicare to Pay for Obesity Prevention USA Today, November 30, 2011  Medicare announced Tuesday it will pay for screenings and preventive services to help recipients curb obesity and the medical ailments associated with it, primarily heart disease, strokes and diabetes.

Y.M.C.A. Adopting Health Policies for Youth New York Times, November 29, 2011
The Y.M.C.A., one of the nation’s largest child-care providers, announced that it is adopting new “healthy living standards,” including offering fruits, vegetables and water at snack time, increasing the amount of exercise and limiting video games and television for youngsters in its programs.

Briefs Analyze Factors Contributing to Latino Childhood Obesity, Recommend Policies to Prevent It Salud America!, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), has released a comprehensive collection of research briefs examining the obesity epidemic among Latino children and teens.


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