Healthy Communities — January 13, 2012

Recently, the CDC and CPPW launched an interactive social networking site for CPPW communities and partners to share stories, resources, and engage the public and other communities around childhood obesity and tobacco issues:

Do schools have to sell junk to make money from their vending machines?  You may have seen recent news suggesting that a switch to healthier foods is to blame for a drop in revenue from the vending machines in Seattle Schools.  But is this the whole story?  Learn more about successful healthy vending policies from Public Health Law & Policy

Articles & Reports

Can Online Games Influence What Kids Eat?  Time “Healthland”, January 10, 2012
As if the ads on TV for the latest toy, fast food, sugary snacks and fat-laden meals weren’t bad enough, now researchers say you have to worry about another insidious way that manufacturers are appealing to the youngest among us — advergames.

Sugar Fee Soda, Willamette Week, January 11, 2012 Soda pop, energy drinks and even some juice mixes will get more expensive in Multnomah County if voters approve a new tax proposal bound for the November ballot.

The 15 Top Killers of Americans, The Chart, CNN, January 11, 2012 The leading killers of Americans continue to be on-infectious diseases like heart disease, strokes and lung diseases.  But one of the perpetual causes of death fell off the top list this year: homicides.

U.S. Diabetes Prevention Program Might Avert 885,000 Cases, USA Today, January 13, 2012  “The take-home message is that implementing screening and community-based lifestyle interventions can improve health and reduce health care costs over the long term. This is an efficient use of health care resources.”

The Reason for Recess: Active Children May Do Better in School Time, January 16, 2012
First Lady Michelle Obama is constantly promoting her “let’s move” message to Americans, and she may be onto something. Physical activity does the body good, and there’s growing evidence that it helps the brain too.


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