Healthy Communities — February 3, 2012

Video of the Week!  This cute ad from Oregon agency Wieden+Kennedy focuses on giving healthy food a cheerful makeover.  Warning: the song will probably get stuck in your head.

Here’s a great infographic on why sitting around is bad for you.


Kick the Can is a new user-friendly website from the California Center for Public Health Advocacy that provides information about the negative health effects of sugary drinks, summarizes sugary-drink related policy activity around the country, provides information about beverage industry strategies, and more.

The Eagle Books Toolkit (pdf) from the CDC’s Native Diabetes Wellness Program is now available online.  It contains information, ideas, downloads, and how-to instructions – everything you need for a wellness event, including activities for parents and teachers.

New resources for sodium reduction and awareness in the primary care setting:

  • Primary Care Providers  — this letter contains information regarding the importance of counseling patients about excess sodium intake and means for reduction.
  • Patients — this handout offers practical tips for reducing sodium intake and is intended for distribution to patients in the primary care setting.

Articles and Reports

Should We Regulate Sugar? New York Times, February 1, 2012 If sugar’s consumption is linked to the rise in non-communicable diseases like diabetes and hypertension and if its effects on the body mimic those of alcohol, should regulate it to protect public health?  Read more from the BBC.

Living Well with Chronic Illness: A Call for Public Health Action, Institute of Medicine¸ January 31, 2012 The CDC and the Arthritis Foundation sought assistance from the IOM to help identify public health actions to reduce disability and improve the function and quality of life for people living with chronic illness.


Researchers Untangling Link Between Hunger and Obesity, Minnesota Public Radio, January 27, 2012 The picture of hunger in the America is changing. In the past, hunger may have conjured up images of gaunt faces or rail-thin children. Today, some people who struggle to feed their families are actually obese. It’s a paradox that researchers are trying to untangle: how can people be both hungry and overweight?

In Transportation News:

US States and Cities Ranked for Biking, Walking Habits, Los Angeles Times, January 24, 2012 The Alliance for Biking & Walking released their 2012 Benchingmarking Report, providing a look at commuting by cycling and walking, how safe those commutes are, and where transportation funding is going – or not going.

Creeps and Wierdos: the auto industry agenda for keeping you on four wheels, Nation of Change, February 2, 2012 This Prevention Institute article looks at how auto companies are working to keep Americans reliant on cars, from releasing ads that shame bikers and demonize public transit, to pouring millions of dollars into lobbying Congress.


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