The Wisconsin Nicotine Treatment Integration Project conducted a series of in-person trainings around Wisconsin to help mental health and substance abuse professionals integrate evidence-based tobacco dependence treatment into their work. 
The manuals that were used in these trainings are now available online

Articles and Reports

Smoking Ban Opposed by Smokers, Non-Smokers, The Daily Barometer, 2/13/12
A second poll sent out by the ASOSU found even non-smokers opposed to Oregon State University’s upcoming smoke-free campus, which will be implemented on September 1, 2012.

House Rules Committee Set to Create Tobacco Enforcement Fund, The Oregonian, 2/16/12
The Oregon House Rules Committee looks ready to create a special tobacco enforcement fund to provide money for retired state troopers to make sure minors don’t buy cigarettes.

Public Bans Mean Smokers Also Light Up Less at Home, Reuters, 2/13/12
Smoking bans in offices, restuarants and other public places prompt smokers to impose their own restrictions on the habit, according to a new European study.


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