Healthy Communities

Need inspiration? In this video of the week, 104-year-old Lois Campbell speaks about her workout routine.   She began taking exercise classes over 40 years ago and has been doing it ever since. Read more here.


Smartphone users:  the Surgeon General’s Healthy App Challenge winners have been announced.  These innovative new technologies provide health information tailored to the needs of the user and empower the public to regularly engage in and enjoy health-promoting behaviors.  All apps are free to download.

Understanding Diabetes is a new seven-part animated video series designed to educate children and their parents about diabetes diagnosis and management (Type I and Type 2).  These videos are available to hospitals and physicians for use with their pediatric patients.

Articles and Reports

Big Snickers, Twix Bars Are Going to Disappear Reuters, 02/15/2012
Mars Inc, the maker of Snickers and Twix candy bars, will stop selling chocolate products with more than 250 calories in them by the end of next year. The company said the goal is part of an ongoing effort to improve the nutritional value of its products and to sell them in a responsible way.

U.S. House Wrongly Eliminated Safe Routes Funding SF Chronicle, 02/13/2012
The U.S. House of Representatives Transportation Committee voted Feb. 2 to eliminate all dedicated federal funding for the Safe Routes to School program and other initiatives that promote biking and walking.

SNAP Education and Evaluation Study (Wave I), USDA, January 2012
This new study evaluated four healthy eating interventions: the New York State Department of Health’s Eat Well Play Hard in Child Care; the University of Nevada Cooperative Service’s All 4 Kids; the Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Service’s Eagle Adventure; and Pennsylvania State University’s About Eating.


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