A new interactive tobacco policy map from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation provides the latest data on state smoking laws

The 17th Annual Kick Butts Day is coming up on March 21st – this day of activism is designed to empower youth across the country to raise awareness about the problems of tobacco use and take action against Big Tobacco.  Activity guides, event planning support, promotional materials, etc are all available online.

Articles and Reports

As many of you by now may have heard, U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon once again ruled for tobacco companies and issued a permanent injunction blocking implementation of FDA’s new graphic health warning labels on cigarette packages.  Read more about this decision from:

More Troops on Smokeless Tobacco after Deployment, Reuters, 2/22/2012
U.S. troops sent to Iraq or Afghanistan are more likely to start a smokeless tobacco habit than their comrades who stay home – especially if they see combat.

Designing a Safer Cigarette, Forbes, 2/21/2012
What if we had a less dangerous cigarette for people who can’t kick the habit, letting them keep on smoking but stay alive longer while they’re doing it?


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