Healthy Communities — March 30, 2012

This week in Food Marketing to Children: McDonald’s launches a new series of ads to “promote nutrition and/or active lifestyle messages.”

Unfortunately, McDonald’s idea of nutrition education is simple: just eat at McDonald’s.  In the first animated ad, a child’s pet goat is in need of a better diet – fruit and dairy – which can be found in children’s Happy Meals. 

Take Action: Tell McDonald’s to stop marketing junk food to kids!

Videos of the week:


World Salt Awareness Week is March 26th – April 1stLearn more from the American Heart Association

Salt Procurement Resource Guide (pdf)  – an online resource from the Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention to help organizations implement food service guidelines and strategies to reduce sodium.

Reports and Articles

The journal Childhood Obesity has a special issue of articles related to Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! campaign.  Here are some full-text selections:

U.S. Underestimates Long-Term Costs of Obesity, Experts Say HealthDay,  03/21/2012
The costs of the obesity epidemic to the United States and the economic value of curbing it are not captured fully by current methods, according to a new report (pdf). The problem is that estimates used by Congress when it looks at these issues project out only 10 years, while it may take much longer than that for complications of obesity, such as diabetes and heart disease, to manifest.

There’s More To Fixing Food Deserts Than Building Grocery Stores NPR, 03/20/2012
A study finds that shoppers don’t just care about cost and proximity to fresh produce — they also need choice and quality if they’re going to buy it… In other words, low-income shoppers dislike wilted lettuce just as much as anyone else.

U.S. Soda Consumption Fell Faster in 2011 Reuters, 03/20/2012
Total sales volume of soda fell about 1 percent in 2011 to 9.27 billion cases, according to Beverage Digest (pdf), about the same level it was in 1996. Sales volume fell 0.5 percent in 2010.

The Institute of Medicine has just released a new report on primary care and public health.  Primary Care and Public Health: Exploring Integration to Improve Population Health calls for national leadership in federal agencies and substantial adaptation at the local level.


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