Healthy Communities – April 13, 2012

 Do you know how much sodium you are eating?  Check out these 8 foods saltier than potato chips!


Screen-Free Week 2012 starts April 30th  Here are some great resources available to help you get involved:

Reports and Articles

Pizza is in the news this week!  First, the number of schools participating in Domino’s Smart Slice school lunch program has increased dramatically in the past year.  Then, pizza sales are on the rise.

Slate launched a fantastic new series exploring why Americans don’t walk any more.  “The idea that that we, this species that first hoisted itself into the world of bipedalism nearly 4 million years ago—for reasons that are still debated—should now need “walking tips,” have to make “walking plans” or use a “mobile app” to “discover” walking trails near us or build our “walking histories,” strikes me as a world-historical tragedy.”

Many Small Kids Lack Outdoor Time with Parents, Reuters,  4/03/2012
Roughly half of preschoolers don’t spend time playing outside with a parent each day, despite the fact that outdoor play has been tied to a host of benefits for young children, including avoiding childhood obesity, a recent U.S. survey found.

New Study Estimates Calorie Reductions Needed to Achieve Obesity-Prevention Goals, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 4/12/12
In order for the nation to achieve goals set by the federal government for reducing obesity rates by 2020, children in the United States would need to eliminate an average of 64 excess calories per day.  This reduction could be achieved by decreasing calorie intake, increasing physical activity, or both.

For the Public’s Health: Investing in a Healthier Future, Institute of Medicine, April 2012
Echoing widespread concern about the escalating cost of health care and the nation’s standing behind other countries in health outcomes, the Institute of Medicine is calling for significant reforms to refocus America’s health system toward prevention of the chronic diseases that are taking a toll on the nation’s health and economy.

Health Care vs. Sick Care: Why Prevention is Essential to Payment Reform, Boston Globe, 4/02/2012
The president and Congress recently cut funding for local public health initiatives dramatically as part of a deal to offset the planned cuts to Medicare physician payments.

Fast Food Chains in Cafeterias Put Hospitals in a Bind, NPR, 4/5/12
On one side of a wall inside the Truman Medical Center cafeteria in Kansas City, Missouri, the menu features low-calorie, low-fat and low-sodium meals. On the other side of the wall is a McDonald’s, featuring hamburgers and french fries.

Hospitals Urge Peers To Ditch Fast Food, Turn Down The Lights Kaiser Health News, 4/03/2012
Eleven of the nation’s largest hospitals systems –including Kaiser Permanente, HCA Healthcare, and Boston-based Partners HealthCare — today called on their industry to be better environmental stewards.

Worst Farm Bill Ever, Mother Jones, April 2012
This year, with both parties touting fiscal austerity, getting a farm bill through the legislative process will be nearly impossible.  But none of that will likely stop Big Agribusiness from getting what it wants, which is programs that underwrite environmentally ruinous, nutritionally vapid corn/soy agriculture.


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