Tobacco — April 20, 2012


Video of the Week:  This timeline shows the benefits of quitting smoking.

The National Cancer Institute has launched the Smokefree Teen website with new content!  A Spanish version of the website is also available.

Reports and Articles

City Snuffs Out Smoking in Parks, Lake Oswego Review, 4/19/12
The Lake Oswego city council approved a resolution banning the use of tobacco in city parks and open spaces, joining at least 17 other Oregon communities with tobacco- or smoke-free policies in public parks.

More than Half of Americans Polled Don’t Know that Cigarette Butts are the No. 1 Littered Item in the Nation, Legacy, 4/18/12
Toxic tobacco trash fails to biodegrade, putting wildlife in danger and wreaking havoc on U.S. waterways, parks, beaches and roadways.  

Menthol Smokers have more Strokes, Reuters, 4/12/12
New research suggests that among smokers, those who prefer mentholated cigarettes tend to have more strokes than non-menthol smokers.  This seems particularly true for women and non-African Americans.


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