Tobacco — April 27th, 2012

Get Involved!

The National Networks for Tobacco Control and Prevention are seeking supporters for a petition drive: Protect Our Children: Support a Ban on Mentholated Tobacco Products.

Break Free Alliance and the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids are collaborating on an effort to stop Family Dollar Store’s recent decision to start selling cigarettes in their stores.  Learn more about this campaign, get talking points, and send a message to Family Dollar’s CEO on the new Family Dollar Values website.


The FDA has made new tools available to make the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act easier to access, understand, search, and use.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Toxicology and Environmental Health Information Program recently launched a webpage dedicated to providing links to research and current information about tobacco, smoking, and related health effects, including chemicals in tobacco.

Reports and Articles

New Zealand Considers $100-a-Pack Cigarettes,, 4/24/2012
The idea of charging $5 a cigarette is the most radical of several ideas floated in a Ministry of Health discussion paper obtained through a freedom of information request.

Harvard Students Promote Smoke-Free Graduate Housing,, 4/20/2012
Medical School student Kristin T. L. Huang and her husband Yi-An Huang, a Business School student, started the push to prohibit smoking in graduate student apartments since they were concerned about the effects of second-hand smoke on their seven-month-old child.

Tobacco-Free Workplace? The Dalles Chronicle, 4/19/2012
The Wasco County Board of Commissioners was asked to consider making all county-owned properties completely tobacco-free, prompting mixed reactions from the Commissioners.

Cardiovascular Harms from Tobacco Use and Secondhand Smoke, International Tobacco Control Project and the World Health Organization, April 2012
A new report reveals significant gaps in public awareness about cardiovascular risks from tobacco use and secondhand smoke.  According to the report, half of all Chinese smokers and one-third of Indian and Vietnamese smokers are unaware that smoking causes heart disease.


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