Tobacco — May 4, 2012


Video of the Week: The Answer is Plain. The British Government is considering making cigarette packs less attractive to children by stripping packs of their glitzy style and branding. Watch the video to see why this is an opportunity we can’t afford to miss.

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids Mother’s Day factsheet with tips for Moms to help keep their kids from smoking.

Reports and Articles

County Bans Outdoor Smoking, Corvallis Gazette Times, 5/2/12
Life is about to get a little bit harder for Benton County smokers.  The Board of Commissioners voted 3 to 0 on Tuesday to ban smoking — as well as smokeless tobacco products such as chew, snuff and electronic cigarettes — at all county-owned facilities and grounds starting Jan. 1, 2013.

Fiscal and Policy Implications of Selling Pipe Tobacco for Roll-Your-Own Cigarettes in the United States, PLoS ONE, 5/2/12
Researchers from the CDC and the Oregon Health Authority are authors of this article on federal and state revenue losses that have resulted from smokers making their own cigarettes using pipe tobacco instead of roll-your-own tobacco. This practice results in lost revenue since pipe tobacco is taxed at a lower rate than roll-your-own.

Secondhand Smoke Worsens Asthma in Kids,, 5/1/12
More than half of children with asthma are exposed to second-hand tobacco smoke, researchers reported.  The exposure is associated with more doctor visits, disturbed sleep, and restrictions on activity, according to Lara Akinbami, MD, and colleagues at the CDC in Atlanta.

Secondhand Smoke Permeates many Apartment Buildings,, 4/29/12
A new survey of American apartment dwellers reveals that upwards of a third of nonsmoking residents sniff the stench of secondhand smoke in their building’s public spaces, while almost half smell it within their own homes.

U.S. Tobacco Giant Lorillard Buys E-Cigarette Company Blu ECig,, 4/27/12
Cigarette giant Lorillard today became the first major tobacco firm to buy an electronic cigarette after announcing a $135 million deal to acquire Blu Ecigs.  Blu Ecigs, based in Charlotte, NC, said in a statement the sale ‘gives us access to the tremendously experienced team and resources at Lorillard and will allow us to move to the next level on our expansion.’


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