Tobacco — May 11, 2012

Videos of the Week:

  • The Truth from Big Tobacco A tobacco company ‘CEO’ tells us why plain packaging of tobacco won’t work and why this is just another nanny state initiative.
  • Irreplaceable: Big Tobacco spends one million dollars every hour to recruit kids as “replacement smokers” for the over 400,000 Americans killed each year by tobacco.

The Hindenburg had a smoking lounge? This article provides an interesting historical glimpse of social perceptions of cigarette smoking in the 1930s.


The Tobacco Control Legal Consortium and Public Health Law Center have several new resources:

Reports and Articles

New Study Shows Immediate Impact of Federal Tobacco Tax Increase, May 2012
The research, which was published online by the National Bureau of Economic Research, shows that in the first 60 days following the 2009 federal tax increase, at least 220,000 young people were prevented from using tobacco.  Read a Q&A with study author Frank Chalpoupka.

Tobacco’s War on Women, Foreign Policy, 5/1/12
The global tobacco industry is targeting women in emerging markets.  It’s about hope – the hope young women have for Western-style affluence, fun, and popularity – and how smoking is an easy way to taste that dream.


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