Tobacco — June 1, 2012

Video of the Week: In a mission to persuade Native American worksites in Minnesota’s Twin Cities to ban commercial cigarette smoking, the youth participants in a local program called Mashkiki Ogichidaag, meaning “Medicine Warriors,” have developed media campaigns to educate the local Indian community about the adverse health effects and dangers of commercial tobacco use.

Cigarettes Are My Greatest Enemy is a media campaign that deals with tobacco cessation among those who have had additional hurdles to overcome in their lives.  The print campaign features real people and their stories of resiliency.

An ex-smoker named Ariana says, “I didn’t survive depression and suicide attempts so I could die from lung cancer. I had to stop smoking.”


ActionToQuit has posted a podcast interview with Cynthia Hallett, Executive Director for American for Nonsmokers Rights, on the subject of smoke free casinos.

ActionToQuit has created a new section on their website entitled “World” containing web resources, fact sheets, video and more on the topic of global tobacco control.

Tobacco Control Legal Consortium has launched the FDA Tobacco Action Center to mobilize the public health community to improve and support FDA regulation of tobacco.

Reports and Articles

World No Tobacco Day and Tobacco-Related Articles, CDC MMWR, 5/25/12

  • Adult Awareness of Tobacco Advertising, Promotion, and Sponsorship
    Findings from Global Adult Tobacco Surveys in fourteen countries show that awareness of tobacco marketing is low in countries that have comprehensive bans.
  • State Tobacco Revenues Compared with Tobacco Control Appropriations — United States, 1998–2010
    While total state and federal investment in state tobacco control efforts increased from 1998 to 2002, state investments have declined steadily every year since. And, currently, many states face substantial cuts and near-elimination of program funding.

A Smoke Free Country? New Zealand Intends on Snuffing Out Habit, Washington Post, 5/24/12
Officials hope higher taxes and new restrictions, such as keeping cigarettes below the counter rather than on display, will bring the nation of 4.4 million closer to a recent pledge to snuff out the habit entirely by 2025.

Altria to Test Market New “Reduced Risk” Nicotine Lozenges, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, 5/22/12
Verve will not contain tobacco but will provide nicotine extracted from tobacco. This experimental smokeless product is expected to be marketed in Virginia with milder health warning labels than those attached to cigarettes and smokeless tobacco.

Tobacco Tax Revenue Projections Off By as Much as 20 Percent, The Lund Report, 5/23/12
Smoking and tobacco use currently provides Oregon with approximately $260 million in tax revenue each year, not nearly enough to account for the $2.4 billion that tobacco products cost the state each year.

Camel Crush Cigarettes Favored by Teen Smokers, Huffington Post, 5/18/12
Camel gained over 20 percent more market share among 12-17 year olds and over 60 percent among 18-25 year olds in 2010. While overall cigarette use declined among teens, it is believed that Camel gained market share due to their Camel Crush.


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