Tobacco – June 22, 2012


Documentary Heaven has released a video documentary entitled Secrets of the Tobacco Industry.

The FDA Center for Tobacco Products has a new infographic on Teens and Tobacco.

The Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium recently collaborated with South Dakota to create three Tribal Tobacco Policy Toolkits. The toolkits were created for K-12 schools, post-secondary schools, and Tribal communities to address commercial tobacco abuse in a culturally sensitive manner. The toolkits include such topics as: Use of Sacred Tobacco, The Big Picture, Strategies that Work, Policy Assessment, Working with Tribal Governance, Organizing for Success, Taking Action and Resources.

Truth will begin its 13th annual nationwide summer tour this weekend, coming to Hillsboro, Oregon on August 14. Traveling throughout the United States, the truth tour will hold more than 80 events, educating thousands of teens about tobacco use. The four month-long tour will eventually visit more than 60 cities and towns in 28 states. truth’s crew of young adult “tour riders” will interact with teens across the country at local stops of popular summer music tours, gaming and sporting events – educating them about the marketing tactics of the tobacco industry and the health effects, addictiveness and social consequences of tobacco use.

Reports and Articles

U.S. surgeon general joins effort to reduce smoking in youths, NY Daily News, 6/15/12. Despite efforts to reduce smoking in Washington state, 70,000 youths smoke cigarettes and 50 start every day, according to state officials, with American Indian youth showing the highest rates.

Secondhand Smoke Tied to More Health Effects Reuters, 06/14/2012
Researchers found that compared with adults who lived and worked in smoke-free environs, those exposed to secondhand smoke were more likely to die of heart disease or lung cancer over 17 years.

Care for Dual Eligibles, Health Affairs, 6/13/12. Qualifying for both Medicare and Medicaid benefits helps lower the financial barriers that patients face in receiving needed care but also introduces complexity. Better coordinated care may improve health outcomes and satisfaction with care for dual-eligible beneficiaries, and result in lower costs to federal and state governments. 

Local youth from Brooklyn teamed up with the American Lung Association in New York and the Brooklyn Smoke Free Partnership to lead decision makers and the media on a tour of the rampant tobacco advertising they encounter each day while walking the streets of their community. 


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