Tobacco – 7/6/12


Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights has released an update to the lists and maps of U.S. municipalities and states with smokefree laws now in effect.

“Emerging Promising Practices” summarize recent initiatives spearheaded by the National Latino Tobacco Control Network members and partners to work with Latino and other minority communities, states and coalitions to promote policies and programs to reduce tobacco use.   To date, the following Emerging Promising Practices have been published in English and Spanish:

Reports and Articles

Salem Resident Talks About Breaking the Smoking Habit, The Lund Report, 6/28/12. After 28 years of smoking, a TV commercial from the Centers for Disease Control’s new advertising campaign convinced at least one Oregonian to try to quit.

Another Reason Why Dads and Hopeful Dads Should Quit Smoking Now, ScienceDaily, 6/23/12.  Scientists show for the first time in humans that men who smoke before conception can damage the genetic information of their offspring.  These inherited changes in DNA could possibly render an offspring in the womb susceptible to later diseases such as cancer.

Colleges Move Toward Absolute Bans on Smoking, Associated Press, 6/28/12
Bans on use, advertising and sales of tobacco in all its forms are being enacted or considered at perhaps half of campuses nationwide, sometimes over the objections of student smokers, staff and faculty.


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