Training Opportunities – 7/6/12

On July 7 at 12 PM (PST), ChangeLab Solutions will hold the webinar:  Complying with Anti-Lobbying Rules:  What Federal Grantees Need to Know, providing an overview of federal laws restricting the use federal funds for lobbying, with an emphasis on the new restrictions in the fiscal year 2012 appropriations rider governing expenditures by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  Please note that this is regarding federal funds, and that phone lines are limited, so sharing is encouraged.  Recommended background reading is also posted to ChangeLab’s site.

On July 10 from 10 – 11 AM (PST), ChangeLab Solutions will hold the webinar:  The Smokescreen of Misinformation:  Countering Opposition to Tobacco Retailer Licensing Laws.  In the past year, a few groups have become increasingly active in opposing local tobacco retailer licensing laws throughout California.  This webinar will cover these opposition groups, their tactics, and their connection to the tobacco industry.  We’ll give you the facts about their claims and provide advocates with some effective counterarguments.

On July 19 from 10 – 11 AM (PST), the National Healthy Worksite Program will host the Healthy Worksite Webinar – Aging in the Workforce.

On July 24 from noon – 1:30 PM (PST), the Center for Healthy Aging will hold the webinar: Evidence-based Health Promotion 101.  Find out what programs are available, why they’re important, how to find the right one for your organization, and how to measure success.



The National Health Equity Conference will take place on Sept. 5, 2012 in Washington, D.C.

Pro-Walk/Pro-Bike 2012 Conference, September 10-13th in Long Beach, CA
This is the leading international conference on walking, bicycling, and Placemaking. Be one of an expected 1,000 planners, engineers, health professionals, and advocates who will convene in Long Beach to discuss how to make communities better places for walking and bicycling.


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