Funding Opportunities – July 13, 2012

Partnerships to Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Supportive Housing for Families in the Child Welfare System 

The Administration for Children, Youth and Families announces the availability of competitive grant funds. These targeted five-year grants are to be awarded to support:

  • The development or expansion of triage procedures for a subset of families who come to the attention of the child welfare system due to severe housing issues and high service needs;
  • Local implementation of supportive housing services that integrate community services for housing and other critical services for the specified target population;
  • Customized case management services for children and their parents, as well as trauma informed interventions and evidence-based mental health services through partnerships to access additional services through community-based service providers; and
  • Evaluations that examine the process and implementation outcomes for these grants.
  • Applications are due July 30th.

The Health Impact Project is announcing a call for proposals for grants to conduct health impact assessments (HIAs). Awards of up to $250,000 will allow organizations with prior experience to conduct at least two new HIAs and to implement a plan that establishes the relationships, systems, and funding mechanisms needed to maintain a stable, self-supporting HIA program that endures beyond the conclusion of the grant period.

The Health Impact Project will host three webinars for potential applicants. Registration is required for all webinar attendees. Early response is encouraged, as participation will be limited.

  • August 1– General information for all interested applicants.
  • August 7 – Information on the “Screening” stage of HIA. This call will help demonstration grant applicants define an appropriate decision-making target for the HIA.
  • August 15 – General information web conference call for interested HIA program applicants.

Grants will support government agencies, educational organizations, or non-profits. Applications are due in September. More information is available through the Health Impact Project funding opportunity page and e-newsletter. Please also see the CFP landing page for a list of Frequently Asked Questions, webinar registration, application site, details about eligibility, and other resources.

The Health Resources and Services Administration expects to award more than $3 billion this year through 2,087 new grant awards. Thanks to a new online technical assistance resource, grant applicants can find information on grant opportunities at The site contains webinars, application and submission guidance, and tips for writing successful proposals. A large part of HRSA’s mission is accomplished by awarding grants and cooperative agreements, so don’t be left behind.


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