Tobacco – July 20, 2012

Three videos this week, two national and one with a cameo by our very own Tanya Silva in Polk County!

From Polk County: Don’t Mess With Cigarettes

From ABC News: Is a Big Tobacco Company Profiting From Kids?

From CDC: Tips from Former Smokers


The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing in California provides an overview of a federal transportation bill that was recently signed into law, and will impose new requirements for retailers with roll-your-own (RYO) tobacco machines. Click here to read more. Click here for background information from the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium about regulate RYO tobacco machines.

Reports and Articles

The Tobacco Control Legal Consortium’s latest publication, Cause and Effect:  Tobacco Marketing Increases Youth Tobacco Use, is a compilation of highlights from the 2012 Surgeon General’s Report, Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young People. The publication presents key excerpts from the Surgeon General’s report and includes policy options that can help reduce the amount and impact of tobacco marketing where much of the tobacco industry’s marketing occurs – retail establishments where tobacco products are sold.

Should smoking trigger an R rating? 7/13/12
Movies that show actors smoking tobacco should automatically earn an R rating in order to minimize copycat smoking among impressionable tweens and teenagers, the authors of a new study suggest.


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