Healthy Communities – 8/10/12

This week, in ridiculous food: burgers at Wendy’s in Japan come with selections ranging from foie gras, lobster and caviar, avocado wasabi, truffle oil and, bacon chili


In state news:

  • The Oregon Health Authority is asking for input as it begins putting together a budget for 2013-2015.  Currently it is focusing on areas including fundamentally changing how health care is delivered in Oregon, shifting resources to focus on prevention of chronic disease, and ensuring access to sufficient, nutritious and affordable food for all Oregonians

The second annual Food Day will be held on October 24th – learn more about this nationwide celebration of healthy, affordable, and sustainably-produced food at

Reports and Articles

School Lunch Milk Cartons Take a Hit in New Ad Campaign, NPR, 8/8/12
Forget the school vending machine fights. An anti-cheese group says that innocent-looking carton of milk on lunch trays is the real culprit for our children’s weight woes.

More adults are walking, but they need to step it up, USA Today, 8/7/12
More people in this country say they’re walking regularly, but less than half of people say they are meeting the federal government’s physical activity guidelines.  Read the new CDC’s MMWR Walking Among Adults – United States, 2005 and 2010.

School’s Big Soda Purge, Washington Post, 8/7/12
Schools have begun ditching soda machines en masse, according to new research from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

At-School Sales of Soda Drops, but Other Sugary Drinks Remain Los Angeles Times,  8/6/12
The high school or middle school student who can grab a sugar-sweetened soft drink on school grounds during class hours is becoming a rarity, a new study finds.


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