Tobacco – 8/10/12


The FDA Center for Tobacco Products compiles regular progress reports to communicate activities and accomplishments. Here is the CTP’s most recent Quarterly Progress Report.

The CDC Office of Smoking and Health has developed new communication resources to remind parents about the harms of tobacco use and provide tips to help keep children tobacco-free.  Resources include:

Reports and Articles

Portland State University’s effort to discourage smoking encourages good health, The Oregonian, 8/9/12
The Oregonian’s Aug. 2 editorial “PSU’s off-campus smoking ban,” about a proposal to ban smoking in the South Park Blocks, was misleading and did not acknowledge what steps Portland State University is taking to improve student health.

Curbing Tobacco Use by Growing Less, ScienceBlog, 8/7/12
What is the key to cutting the number of deaths and smoking-related health problems? Convince Chinese farmers, who produce 40 percent of the world’s tobacco supply, to grow some other crop through a tobacco crop-substitution program.

Tobacco Sales to Minors Reach All-Time Low, Medical News Today, 8/7/12
According to the latest analysis on the Synar Amendment program – a federal and state partnership geared towards ceasing illicit tobacco sales to those under 18 – all the states and the District of Columbia have continued to reach their targets of limiting sales of tobacco to minors.

CDC Says Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads Work, More on Way USA Today, 8/6/2012
The federal government says its graphic ad campaign showing diseased smokers has been such a success that it is planning another round next year to nudge more Americans to kick the habit.

Oregon’s governor orders state buildings to go tobacco-free by 2014, The Oregonian, 8/2/12
Kitzhaber signed an executive order Thursday creating a single no-smoking, no-tobacco policy for state government.

“They look like cigarettes. They smoke like cigarettes. They taste better than a cigarette, because they have flavors. They are cheaper than cigarettes, because of the tax issues. But they are just as deadly. They contain the same toxic chemicals.” – Michael Tynan, CDC

Big Cigars Offer Way for Smokers to Save New York Times, 8/2/2012
Fewer Americans are smoking cigarettes, but a growing number are turning to cigarette like cigars that can sell for as little as seven cents apiece or to making cigarettes from inexpensive loose tobacco labeled for pipe use, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.

Read more at USA Today: Tobacco companies profit from loophole, market small cigars.


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