Tobacco – August 17, 2012


A new Spanish language Smokefree TXT program is available from HHS

Take advantage of social media profiles by liking and following @CDCTobaccoFree on Facebook and Twitter and subscribing to the Smoking & Tobacco Use playlist on YouTube.

Another means of engagement that has been developed is a button: A Tobacco-Free Life Starts Now. Support CDC’s tobacco control and prevention efforts by posting this button on your Web site, blog, or social networking site.

Reports and Articles

Does Curbing Tobacco Use Lower Health Care Costs? Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, August 2010

A new brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) highlights how initial investments in comprehensive tobacco cessation programs can save significant dollars over time. Case studies of state tobacco cessation programs—which may include smoke-free workplace rules and higher taxes on tobacco products, among other measures—show a return on investment of as high as $50 for every $1 spent.

Study finds slowing drop in youth tobacco use, Reuters, 8/9/12
The once-rapid decline in tobacco use among young people has slowed as cash-strapped states slash funding for anti-smoking campaigns, a federal study released on Thursday showed.


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